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Snow Routes Posted

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Below is a listing of streets and areas that are cleared by City crews in the event of a major snow fall.

Police Station Parking Lot & City Hall Parking Lot

4th & Frisco to 11th & Frisco
As well as the side streets 4th to 11th from Gary Blvd to Avant

15th & Gary Blvd to 15th & Custer Ave
15th & Custer to 31st & Custer Ave
30th & Modelle to 30th & Hayes
30th Hayes to 30th & Custer in Front of Hospital
31st & Custer to 31st & Hayes
31st & Hayes to 28th & Hayes

Washington Elementary School
N 6th & Nowahy to l4th & Nowahy
N 13th & Dougherty to 13th & Gary Blvd

Middle School 7th & 8th
N 13th & Orient to 9th & Orient
N 11th & Gary Blvd to 10th & Dunn
N 10th & Dunn to 10th & Orient
N 10th & Gary Blvd to 10th & Orient
N 10th & Dunn to 10th & Nowahy

Nance Elementarv School
11th & Gary Blvd to 11th & Court
10th & Hayes to 13h & Hayes
10th & Court to 13th & Court

Southwest Elementary School
19th & Modelle to 19th & Opal
19th & Opal to 20th & Opal
20th & Modelle to 20th & Jaycee Ln
Jaycee Lane & 19th to 19th & Opal

Clinton High School
Gary Blvd & Jaycee Lane to 10th & Jaycee Lane

High Traffic Areas to Clean
10th & Gary Blvd to 10th & 13th
13th & Gary Blvd to 10th & 13th
4th & Modelle to Gary Blvd & Modelle
4th & Opal to 10th & opal
10th & Jaycee Lane to Jaycee & Gary Blvd
28th & Modelle to 28th & W Commerce Road
Hwy 183 & Commerce Road to W Commerce Road & Neptune
Neptune. 13th & 10th to Walton Road & W Commerce Road
Acme Brick Park Drive & Parking Lot
6th & Gary to 6th & Dougherty
6th & Dougherty to 28th & Dougherty
28th & Dougherty to 28th & Custer
4th & Orient to 6th & Orient
5th & Garv Blvd to 5th & Orient
Glenn Smith Road & Gary Blvd to I-40 Bridge
Glenn Smith Road & Modelle to 4th & Modelle

Other Areas to Clean
Indian Hospital
Airport Road to Airport Drive & Up to the Office

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